Woa... you've got some tough decisions.

Aladdin Theater—Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Audra Mae, Roy Jay, 8 pm, $15-18, all ages
Alberta Rose TheatreLive Wire!: Corin Tucker, Bobby Bare Jr., 7:30 pm, $15-30, all ages
Backspace—MusicfestNW: Abe Vigoda, Magic Kids, Wampire, Astrology, Candy Claws, 8 pm, $10, all ages
Berbati's Pan—MusicfestNW: The Builders & The Butchers, Richmond Fontaine, Black Prairie, Kevin Devine, Old Light, 9 pm, $15
Branx—The Harvey Girls, The Grapefruit League, Wishyunu, 10 pm
Crystal Ballroom—MusicfestNW: Okkervil River, Bobby Bare Jr., Dan Mangan, 9 pm, $20
Dante's—MusicfestNW: The Gories, Thee Oh Sees, Haunted George, Pure Country Gold, 9:30 pm, $15
Doug Fir—KEXP Sessions: Thee Oh Sees, The Tallest Man on Earth, Bobby Bare Jr., Blue Giant, 10:30 am-5:30 pm, free, all ages; MusicfestNW: The Tallest Man on Earth, The Cave Singers, Mimicking Birds, S. Carey, 9 pm, $15
Hawthorne Theatre—MusicfestNW: Man Man, Morning Teleportation, Let's Wrestle, Guidance Counselor, 8 pm, $15, all ages
Holocene—MusicfestNW: Au, White Hinterland, Nice Nice, Swim Swam Swum, Gordon Shumway, DJ Baba Booie, 8 pm, $10
The Knife Shop at Kelly's Olympian—Knifefest: Federale, Jim Willig, Hawkeye, Dennis Williams, The Pink Snowflakes, Arlo Stone, Holy Children, Agnospel Choir, Brush Prairie, Seven Fingered Pharoah, 8 pm, free
Mississippi Studios—MusicfestNW: Shonen Knife, The Minus 5, Hosannas, People Eating People, 9 pm, $15
NW 23rd & Savier—MusicfestNW & Slabtown Community Fest: The Shaky Hands, Sassparilla, Pancake Breakfast, The Lords Own Choir, 6 pm, all ages
The Press Club—Ezza Rose, Kelly Blair Bauman, Luminous Things, Tod Morrisey, 8:30 pm, free, all ages
Roseland—MusicfestNW: Wiz Khalifa, Grieves, Animal Farm, 8 pm, all ages
Rotture—MusicfestNW: Lazer Sword, Tyler Tastemaker, Ryan Organ, Barisone, 9 pm, $10
Satyricon—MusicfestNW: Trash Talk, Death by Stereo, Broadway Calls, Raw Nerves, 8 pm, all ages
Slabtown—NW Hiphop Fest: Dark Time Sunshine, Cloudy October, Hives Inquiry Squad, Rafael Vigilantics, Pale Soul, Eddie Valiant, Iame, Smoke, Void Pedal, Sole Provider, Quixotic, DJ Zone, 9 pm, $6
Someday Lounge—MusicfestNW: Typhoon, Y la Bamba, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Finn Riggins, Boy Eats Drum Machine, 8:30 pm, $10
Washington High School—TBA: Extreme Animals, 10:30 pm, $8-10, all ages
Wonder Ballroom—MusicfestNW: The Black Lips, Surfer Blood, Male Bonding, 4:30 pm, all ages

Like your Friday night, this cat is about to get off the hook.
  • Like your Friday night, this cat is about to get off the hook.