...which is great, because it was a bummer seeing empty seats on opening night. To buy your tickets, call the box office at 503-224-7422. And even if you can't snag an advance ticket, day-of tickets are available to all shows—there's some wiggle room in PICA's balancing act between ticketholders and passholders.

I saw the Daisey show last night; as Erik wrote in his review, "This is a show that, if you let it, has the power to change the way you think—a show that can alter the ways you use and consider the fundamental communication devices of our time."

Freshly loaded to our TBA blog this morning, you'll find reviews of Jérôme Bel’s Cédric Andrieux (Patrick is impressed) and Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause (Noah is impressed—New York Times cultural blogger Claudia La Rocco, blogging for Portland Monthly, is not). Plus, photos, snarky comments from Blogtown's finest, and more. Read all about it!