National protest day? 9/11 memorials overshadowed by protests about the Ground Zero Mosque and the Qur'an burning pastor, even though the latter has called off his plans.

Other protesters, shoes? Three people have been arrested after a man threw a shoe at the Greek Prime Minister. Apparently he was protesting financial policies.

Stormy weather in the Caribbean! A tropical storm blowing through the Atlantic is going to become Hurricane Igor by tonight. Igor could reach Caribbean islands by Thursday.

Want to know how to sneak out of prison? Just take 84 of your buddies and climb a ladder over the wall! At least, that's what inmates in Mexico City did. Authorities are still looking for them.

Busted! The founder of the British Columbia Marijuana Party and big advocate of marijuana legalization has been found guilty of selling seeds and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

$8.8 million for a book: the world's most expensive book is going back on sale today.

Speaking of books ... What about this one the U.S. government doesn't want you to have, written by a former intelligence officer about Afghanistan.

Portland described in the national media's eyes as a "terribly hip and creative" place Yeah, yeah, we know...

Weather this weekend will be in the mid 70's, and will stay that way into next week! So a little warmer and sunnier then it has been recently. Yay!

Finally, don't know where to hide your stolen bills? Just, um, strap 'em to your balls! (OBviously...)

Meanwhile, if you find yourself bored this weekend, here's a nice prank you can play on your friends: