This is it, folks: the last True Blood discussion group of the season.

Hurry up, the Dresden Dolls go on at 9:00!
  • "Hurry up, the Dresden Dolls go on at 9:00!"

It's the finale! Finally all of our questions answered!

Or... not. In what is becoming a True Blood tradition, this finale was pretty weaksauce. I've been wondering how most of the plot points brought up this season were going to be resolved and the answer, I should have guessed, is that they wouldn't really. What did happen this episode?

Well, Russell got a concrete mudpack thanks to Bill and Eric. Then Bill tossed Eric in, too (don't worry everyone, he got out). Then Bill ordered Pam to die (don't worry everyone, she's ok). Then it was revealed from Eric - whose skin looked great! - that Sophie-Anne originally sent Bill to study Sookie the fairy. Not only did he know all along that she was a fae, but he vampire-date-raped her by making her drink his blood, which is pretty fucking shady. So they broke up (don't worry Hugh Hefner, they'll get back together). Oh yeah, and Sookie disappeared to fairyworld. Gasp!

Sookie (on the left)
  • Sookie (on the left)

Soooooo what else happened?

Lafayette is still freaking out from the V he and Jesus did. We finally learned what a Jesus is - a witch, I should have guessed! - but there's no real reason to distrust him yet. Right? How do you guys feel about Jesus the brujo?

Also, Hoyt asked Jessica to marry him (squeee!!) and move into a tract home where they'll live happily ever after. UNLESS Mama Hoyt and her shotgun have something to say about it!

Jason is now the protector of Panther Ranch. He is also, surprise, probably not going to be a cop. That's ok, because he will be too busy policing the noble cougar people.

Tara, in the grand tradition of so many sad cinematic characters before her, took a good, long, soul-searching look in the mirror and decided to cut her hair. "Needle in the haaaaaaaayyyyyyy...."
She is a changed woman! She isn't even bothered that her mother is fucking Rev. Dennis. It is the end of the Tara that we all know and hate and the beginning of a new Tara to get to know and hate.

In perhaps the greatest tragedy of the night, we found out that Tommy can't read! Oh, and he might be dead. Does that mean we don't get another storyline to follow where Tommy travels up and down the coast getting into trouble?

And that was the season. What did you guys think? Where you satisfied with this, the third season of True Blood? Did the finale leave you wanting more?

Stray notes and quotes

Poor Talbot got flushed down the disposal.

Alcide showed up, too. Man, he and Sookie do not have the sexual chemistry the writers seem to think they do.

If Eric could get out of the concrete that easily, what's stopping Russell?

What the fuck does Godric want from Eric? He was irritating the hell out of me.

"You a witch who's a nurse who's a dude?"

Which would you rather date: a vampire, a werewolf, a shapeshifter, a brujo, a maenad, a fairy, or a cougarperson?