A plane carrying 47 people goes down in Venezuela—it's currently unknown if there were any survivors.

Guys! The world's largest chocolate bar has been been produced in Armenia! (Why, yes. It is a slow news day.)

The Tea Party hillbillies held rallies across the country this weekend which were advertised as a chance to mourn the victims of 9/11 but turned out to be (surprise!) anti-Obama scream fests.

  • "Durrrrrrrr..."

Lady Gaga was the big winner at last night's VMAs, along with a fresh-faced newcomer by the name of... let's see.. I need to check the spelling... oh, yes. JUSTIN BIEBER.

Also at last night's VMA's Taylor Swift forgives Kanye "I'mma let you finish" West via SONG (haw!), Kanye apologizes again via SONG and everybody makes a lot of money. See how that works?

YouTube is experimenting with live streaming, and... omg, this is like the slowest news day EVER!

Is a resolution finally in sight for the proposed Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero? This imam thinks so.

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi says women should be out looking for rich men to date... you know... kinda like him.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: 78 and partly cloudy today, but sunny and 80 for tomorrow and Wednesday!

And finally, I don't know why this is already the most boring day ever, but... OMG!!!! LOOK OUT LOOK OUT LOOK OUT!!!!!