Dead Profit: The Dept of Veterans' Affairs made a secret deal with an insurance company to make money off payments to families of dead soldiers.

We're Selling What?! $60 billion worth of weapons, helicopters and fighter jets to Saudi Arabia.

Corn Syrup is Now Corn Sugar: After all the bad press, corn is rebranding.

American Hiker in Iran Freed: Sarah Shourd was hiking with two friends near the Iranian border a year ago when authorities scooped them up and called her a spies. She's finally free.

Election Meltdown: Delays and technical difficulties reported with electronic voting machines in NYC.

Here's a New One: Okay, what if the Tea Party candidates actually improve Democrats' chances for keeping control?

Moving' on Up: More women than men got PhDs last year.

I Did It! An interesting report on why innocent people confess to crimes.

He Can Do EVERYTHING! Obama will release his first children's book a few weeks after the election. List price: $17.99.

PSU Admin Dead in Murder-Suicide: Police think Portland State's program director shot his wife, then himself in their Manzanita beach house.

Tracking Down Portland Heroin Overdoses: A local prosecutor is working on a book about the story of every heroin OD in the city.