America wants to know: WHY DOES JUSTIN BIEBER WEAR BAND-AIDS ON HIS FINGERS? While I'm certain you can think of plenty of filthy reasons (which you will undoubtedly provide in the comments below), the real reason was revealed yesterday on Ellen's show.
Via Vulture...
The 16-year-old answered the question once and for all on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday. "[I do it] because Michael Jackson did it," quoth Bieber. "Stop there with that one, all right?" Ellen responded with a smirk.

After the jump: Eight things you shouldn't do just because Michael Jackson did them.

1) Plastic surgery.


2) Marry Lisa Marie Presley.


3) Consort with animals.


4) Star in a Pepsi commercial.

5) Dangle babies.


6) Have anything to do with Paul McCartney.

7) Spend an inordinate amount of time with young(er) people.


8) Wear a "Zorro Burka" in public.