...by our the things that make our pastor LOL:

The FBI says Rev. William Bendert of Lake Orion arrived at a Troy hotel on Friday expecting to meet a minor for sex. He thought wrong. Authorities arrested Bendert outside of the Red Roof Inn off Rochester Road. Bendert, pastor of the King of Kings Lutheran Church, believed he was meeting the minor to "train" her for sex, according to the FBI affidavit filed in U.S. District Court and published online by The Smoking Gun.

Using the AOL chat handle "Billthebear99," Bendert set up a meeting with a single mother who said she was willing to make her 11-year-old daughter available for sex. According to the affidavit...

• In initial conversations, Bendert described himself as "married ...but obviously playful ...is that okay?" He went on to say, ""I don't have the 'guilt' gene ...so I won't go crying later on."


• Bendert told the undercover officer he sometimes "introduced this 'process' like a game. Most kids her age have heard of or played 'truth and dare' ...sometimes I use that to set the stage and get things rolling, as a way of making it a 'game' at first. Might be something I use here for your daughter as well. Although, mom might have to play along as well ...lol."

• Writing from inside the church on Tuesday, Bendert suggested he meet the "mom" at a Troy restaurant on Friday, leaving several hours to meet with both her and her daughter at the nearby hotel. "Are you ready mom to watch her go all the way?" he asked, noting Jenna may be "a little small" for intercourse but that he wasn't ruling it out.