While it would certainly be more convenient if old people would either escort themselves to a retirement home, or crumble into dust like the vampires in Buffy—I think we may be stuck with them. And OY VEY! Do they ever like to complain! "Waitress! My mush is too spicy!" "How much does postage cost for one of them emails?" "Please help me! I can't feel my arm!"

Old people certainly don't make it easy to ignore them—am I right? That's why, now and then, we should throw the old people a bone—like this commercial for an actual 35 mm FILM CAMERA. In the old days, there wasn't any digital technology, and old people took pictures using celluloid strips they would load into the back of a camera. After taking somewhere around 28 photos (HA!!), they would then remove the roll of "film" and take it to a "developing store" where they would wait anywhere from one hour to three weeks for their pictures to return. Then they would put these pictures in a "scrap book" to look at whenever we refused to visit them—which was like, all the time.

Anyway! Check out this adorable commercial for old people. It makes it appear as if their opinions and needs actually matter!!