The mayor's office was expected to make an announcement this week about what it would do with Officer Ron Frashour, the Portland police officer who fatally shot Aaron Campbell last winter. Frashour was placed on leave two weeks ago and an oversight committee recommended firing him.

Though the mayor's office has not released any decree, a press release from the police union indicates that Frashour has been fired.

This is a huge deal for police oversight activists. And the police union, no surprise, is pissed.

"The decision by Chief Reese and Mayor Adams sets a dangerous precedent. It teaches us that even if police officers follow the bureau's policy and training, they act at the peril of their career if political pressure is great enough," says the union statement. Read the whole release here.

More updates on this soon.

UPDATE: Check out Denis's post for more news—the mayor's office won't confirm the punishment.