Obviously today's big news in police oversight has been Mayor Sam Adams and Chief Mike Reese announcement that "draft" discipline recommendations have been issued in the fatal shooting of Aaron Campbell earlier this year. (With the Portland Police Association strongly trying to imply—wonder how they'd know such a thing?—that Officer Ron Frashour would be fired for firing the kill shot.)

But there was something else tucked into Reese's statement this morning. An actual finding, in the case of Officer Chris Humphrey, who fired a beanbag shotgun, at close range, into a 12-year-old girl's legs last fall. Says the chief:

"It is my proposed finding that this action was consistent with the policies and guidelines of the Portland Police Bureau. The next step is the IPR process, in which the complainant has the opportunity to appeal this finding."

Humphreys was initially suspended after the beanbag shooting, only to be reinstated amid heavy pressure, and a march, from the police union. (Where else have you read Humphreys' name? He was involved in the death of James Chasse, too.)

The beanbag shooting was seen by many in the community as the final outrage after a tragic series of high-profile police shootings. Stay tuned for reaction and updates.