For the past five years, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development donated to help put out the Rose City Resource, a pocket-sized handbook Street Roots publishes with lists of things homeless people might need, like low-cost healthcare and public toilets.

But today Street Roots announced that the Catholic charity has dropped its funding for the guidebook because it refused to erase Planned Parenthood from its healthcare listings. Over the past five years, the Catholic charity has donated $40,000, so now Street Roots is out that money for deciding to support access to comprehensive women's healthcare.

"It was never a question," says Street Roots editor Israel Bayer. There's no way the guidebook was going to back down from listing Planned Parenthood.

Pulling funding from an organization that provides essential help for homeless people? That doesn't seem like the Christian thing to do. Good on Street Roots for having the backbone to defend Planned Parenthood, even at the risk of losing funding in this tight economy. To help make up the difference, you can donate to the resource guide here.