We've been following the controversies surrounding 28-year-old Vancouver woman Bethany Storro who told police a young black woman had thrown acid in her face. This afternoon, the O reports that after police confronted her at her home, Storro confessed that it was all a hoax, and had made up the entire story. From the O:

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As Vancouver Police continued to investigate, "discrepancies emerged," Cook said. Detectives considered the splash pattern of the acid, which seemed more consistent with acid being poured or rubbed rather than thrown on her face, Schuman said. In addition, although Storro said she was wearing sunglasses that protected her in the attack, the acid burns appeared in areas that should have been covered by the large round sunglasses. Those issues, as well as the inability to confirm other aspects of her story, raised suspicions.

No reasons yet as to why she made up this elaborate tale, but it should be noted that Marcus Griffith of the Vancouver Voice was raising these suspicions over a week ago, and caught a lot of shit for it. Marcus? Consider yourself vindicated.