It was another ho-hum episode of Project Runway last night, with our girl Gretchen Jones staying largely out of the spotlight, although she seems to have taken up the role of informal consultant for her fellow designers, who continuously seem to want to bounce their project-challenge ideas off of her as a stand-in for whenever Tim's not around. I think it's fair to say that the most exciting thing about last night's episode was MONDO. Specifically, his goth-Pinocchio ensemble (for himself, not his model!). Otherwise, the entertainment level of the show continues to plummet as they siphon off the show's most entertaining contestants. If you saw it, you know who I mean. Also: Guest judge Betty Draper of Mad Men had the best iteration of cat-eye makeup in recent history. This was her only contribution to the episode. Don't watch or jump if you don't want spoilers. DO watch if you want to see Mondo's and January Jones' amazing eyeliner jobs:

It's been a long time coming, but Mondo finally had his day in the sun with this Jackie O/American sportswear challenge. For once I agree with the judges that Mondo was the clear winner. I think he knew it too, because he really dressed for the occasion:

One the other hand, I did not, repeat NOT agree with the judges' wholly wack decision to send Michael D home. I thought they were over-hard on him for the skirt he made. Admittedly, he went into the challenge really scatterbrained and said at least once that he "didn't care anymore," but the skirt, weird as it was, did not look that bad on the model:


Especially when compared to Andy's complete and utter trainwreck of a look. It is scandalous that he was allowed to stay after this. Not only was the concept completely off-track from the challenge, but it was executed horribly. It was practically violating the model in the crotch/ass dept:


W... T... F. Meanwhile, I was not very excited about Gretchen's frumpy bag-ladydy look, but she passed:


Here's what she thought:

God Kors is bitchy. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to pick up the pace here. More Gretchen, less Ivy. OR, a massive Gretchen/Ivy cat-fight blowout! Seriously, something. The judges seem like they're getting restless and cranky, and so am I.