If you haven't read this week's Back to School issue yet, it can mean only one of two things: 1) You've been too busy, or 2) you don't give a shit. HOWEVER! Here's a good reason to give a shit—for the most part it's FUNNY. For example, check out Lindy West's story about being stuck with a college roommate who smoked two packs of Newports a day, and would only watch VHS copies of Erin Brockovich and a League of Their Own. Harrowing AND amusing.

What's also harrowing AND amusing is this trailer for THE ROOMMATE, which is kind of—okay EXACTLY—like Single White Female, except that it stars Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl and it takes place in a dorm. Oh. Also in SFW, I don't recall anyone's belly button being ripped out. But 1992 was kind of a blur for me. YAY! ENJOY!