Kick off your shoes and welcome to the weekend.

Alberta Rose TheatreKurt Hagardorn, Morgan Grace, Mike Wilcox, 21 Horses, 9 pm, $8
Doug Fir—Efterklang, Buke & Gass, 9 pm, $12
East End—Coasting, Pacific City Nitelife Band, Orca Team, Cat Fancy, 10 pm, $8
Edgefield-Willie Nelson, Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses, 6 pm, $59-63, all ages
Hawthorne Theatre—Misfits vs. Dead Kennedys: School of Rock, 4 pm, $8-10, all ages
Mississippi Studios—Ezra Carey, The Ascetic Junkies, Ravishers, 9 pm, $8
Refuge—Blockhead, Signalpath, Nocando, DJ Biosonik, Mr. Wu, 9 pm, $12-15
Rotture—Da'rel Junior, The Love Loungers, BDP, Kimosabe, 9 pm, $5
SE 9th & Madison—Block Party: The Rainy States, Grandparents, Olina, The Study, Lee Corey Oswald, Battery Powered Music Ensemble, Tiger House, F. Scott, River Banks, Your Rival, Dominique Garcia, 11 am-dark, free, all ages
Washington High School—TBA: AndrewAndrew, Wonderlust, 10:30 pm, $8-10
The Artistery—Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Otouto, Ozarks, Concern, 8 pm, $6, all ages

Keyboard Cat: Painfully Alone without a Casiotone
  • Keyboard Cat: Painfully Alone without a Casiotone

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