Hot tipper Matt Hickey says this is big news: A large part of DC Comics is heading to the west coast:

DC Entertainment, as part of its ongoing strategy to integrate the DC Comics business, brand and characters into Warner Bros. Entertainment’s content and distribution operations, will relocate its business functions related to and supporting multi-media and digital content production to Burbank, California. DCE’s publishing operations will remain in New York, continuing DC Comics’ 75-plus year legacy of leadership in the comic book arena. These announcements were made today by Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment.

DC owner Warner Brothers has already announced that they're going to make DC's superhero intellectual properties a major focus (Meaning: Expect a ton more superhero movies, TV shows, games, and merchandise in your near future.)

But the saddest news here is that DC has closed its Wildstorm publishing arm. Wildstorm, which started out as a niche superhero publisher (they're probably most famous for The Authority, a superhero team that features Apollo and The Midnighter, who are Superman and Batman analogues who have been in a committed gay relationship for years,) has become one of the best publishers of non-superhero sci-fi comics in the business. I fear this shuttering of the brand means that DC is retreating into their core values, which means more superhero comics that are committed to the boring status quo.