You know how when you were a kid, the only drunk people at camp were the counselors, or maybe the creepy grounds keeper who smelled like he'd been slurping turpentine while sharpening his machete?

Well, Lincoln wants to change all that by creating a boozy bar camp where you get to have all the fun. But there are a couple catches: The "camp" isn't in the woods, and you will probably wind up learning something (and not just contracting giardia from the stagnant swimming hole.)

Quoth the press release:

Co-owner David Welch will serve as camp counselor, guiding participants through the basics of stocking a home bar, history of the cocktail, how spirits are made, and recipes for some classic drinks. After the session, campers will be treated to a cozy family-style meal prepared by executive chef and co-owner Jenn Louis, complete with cocktail pairings and a good buzz.

So, there will likely be no campfires, but I'm sure if things go well there could be a rousing sing-along of "Kumbaya".

Two camps will occur—One on Saturday, October 16th, and one on Saturday, October 30th. Cost is $125 for knowledge, booze, and eats. Ghost stories will be gratis (as long as you're the one telling them).

Someone's drinkin' m'lord! Kumbaya! Oh looooord! Kumbaya!