Love buying crap? Hate life? Then I have the thing for you. Fathead, the absolutely useless company that makes "sports graphic products" has branched out from athletes—this outdated Elton Brand one is a steal—and teamed with those scrappy mom-and-pop concert promoters at LiveNation to develop a line of entertainment figures.

DETROIT, Mich., September 21, 2010— Fathead®, the number one brand in sports and entertainment graphic products, stage dives into popular music, due largely to a unique partnership with Live Nation, the ultimate concert destination and music experience for fans. The Fathead and Live Nation collaboration allow music enthusiasts of all genres the opportunity to hang with life-size likenesses of favorite artists, rock-out with iconsand display cherished album artwork, artist murals and logo’s - the Fathead Way. The first wave of the launch features albums and logo’s of music’s most popular, top-selling and legendary artists, including; The Who, KISS, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Lil’ Wayne, Ozzy Osbourne, Coldplay, Motley Crue and Jay-Z, along with the Fathead Kid Rock Collection.

Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy, I'm gonna put me some Kid Rock on my wall! I really think we should buy one of these and make it part of a high stakes blog bet where the loser has to affix the Kid to their bedroom wall for a year. Who's in?

End Hits: They should throw in a Joe C Fathead for free.