A prominent Atlanta preacher stands accused of using his influence to trick young men into having sex with him. SURPRISE! He denies it. SURPRISE!

The only Democrats proudly mentioning healthcare legislation in their campaign ads are the ones who voted against it.

Spanish lawmakers who banned bull fighting have given the okay to "flaming bulls." Guys. That's still being kind of mean to bulls!

Japan kicks Paris Hilton out of the country, and it wasn't because of this.

As Camille told us yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Is it because they're homophobic jerks, or that they just don't like Lady Gaga?

Top officials in the Vatican bank are under investigation in a money laundering scheme. Corruption in the Catholic church? C'MON.

Verizon-compatible iPhones are expecting to start going into production in December for those who give a shit.

David Hasselhoff is the first contestant to be kicked off Dancing with the Stars—leaving him a lot more time to... ahem... "eat hamburgers."

You okay with Target (who has thrown money toward anti-gay candidates) moving downtown? Our gay mayor is. Hey Sarah and Denis! We should ask him about that.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Sunny and 70 today, showery afternoon tomorrow, and a HOT WEEEKEND.

And finally, if you like to eat cats—this video is not going to help matters. Introducing: "Cats Morphing into Croissants."