News Editor Denis C. Theriault is standing in the downpour on SE 122nd and Harold, where Portland police's SERT team have responded to what they're reporting as a hostage situation. Police have closed down 122nd Avenue and evacuated neighbors.

Here's what Denis is reporting from the staging area: A man returned to his house on the 7000 block on 127th and interrupted a burglary in process. The alleged robber pointed a gun at the homeowner and drove down to a house on 122nd. Neighbors who were evacuated say they saw the guy carrying a rifle. After police arrived and got two people out of the house, neighbor Sheyla Johnson said she heard a gunshot and a cop then saying, "We're hit!" No police officer was struck, but Johnson believes that a cop car was hit. Multiple police squad cars are on the scene, along with a bomb squad truck.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into an Aaron Campbell situation. Updates as we have them.

Update 12:44pm: Nearby Alice Ott middle school is locked down. The bomb squad truck is leaving, but the police appear to be settling in— a waitress from Tina's Corner, a restaurant on SE Harold, has delivered the cops some coffee and food. This image of the bomb squad via KGW:

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Update 1 pm: It's all over! No one got shot. Contrary to initial witness reports, police say no shots were fired at all. A tall white male came out of the building willingly and he's now in handcuffs. Police are no longer describing the other person inside the building as a hostage, but it's not clear how the person left in the house is connected to the incident. A woman in a white hoodie hugged the suspect while he was in cuffs, then ran over to tell waiting media her only quote: "Portland police suck dick."

Update 4:35 pm: The suspect is 29-year-old Brian Alan Rodgers. He has been taken into custody and charged with one count of Robbery in the First Degree, one count of Burglary in the First Degree, and one count of Theft in the First Degree.