Suck it, John Fogerty. Now that I have heard the Baseball Project's "Don't Call Them Twinkies," your crappy "Centerfield" is no longer the best song about baseball (thank God).

The Baseball Project is compiled of musical all-stars (Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn, plus R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey) and they teamed with Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn to pen the ultimate ode to small market baseball and the Minnesota Twins (a team with the unfortunate "Twinkies" nickname). While I'm not a fan of the Twins—I choose to suffer watching my Oakland Athletics every summer—the song is a fantastic rundown of both the state of Minnesota, from St. Paul to St. Cloud, and their scrappy baseball franchise, from Zoilo Versalles to Kirby Puckett. It's better than any song from Heaven Is Whenever, and my favorite line has to be "I prayed more in the dome than I ever did in church."

Then again, it's not like there was much competition when it came to Twins songs.

End Hits: He's right. Ron Gant was clearly out.