As mentioned earlier.... JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEBER!! (CBS, 9 pm)

ALSO! At 8 pm the season premieres of The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Bones (FOX), Community (NBC, YAY!) and the debut of a sitcom called My Generation (ABC, don't even think about it).

At 8:30 pm, it's the season premiere of 30 Rock (NBC, YAY!) and the debut of the internet spawned $#*! My Dad Says starring William Shatner (CBS, again don't even think about it).

At 9 pm there's the season premiere of Fringe (FOX), The Office (NBC, YAY!) and... Grey's Anatomy (ABC, WTF??).

At 9:30 is the most controversial offering of the evening, Outsourced (NBC) which has been described as "horribly racist," "offensive" and "horribly offensively funny." I think it's definitely dicey. You make the call!

At 10 pm.... oh, you don't give a shit about the rest of the evening. Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX), or Jersey Shore (MTV) and call it good.

And finally! If Grey's Anatomy doesn't give you nightmares, THIS WILL.