It's finally happened: The Walking Dead is the first high-profile title from one of the major comics publishers that will be available in print and digital formats simultaneously.

When asked if Image planned to continue its new simultaneous release schedule in print and on comiXology at the $2.99 price point, publisher Eric Stephenson explained the new strategy's practical applications.

"In terms of scheduling, the digital version of the series has caught up to print version, so it makes sense to release both simultaneously. With the debut of the AMC television series only weeks away at this point, our aim is to make 'The Walking Dead' as widely available as possible, in all formats, and I believe everyone involved will ultimately find this beneficial."

It's hard to believe that it's taken this long for a publisher to take this leap—why is everyone so resistant to making their product as widely available as possible?—although the fact that the digital copy costs as much as the print copy is disheartening. Still: Baby steps.