Obama Backs Down on Don't Ask, Don't Tell: The prez objects to immediately ending the ban on gay soldiers, saying it "might harm military readiness."

Israel? Compromise? Israel says it is up for striking a deal with Palestine and the US over West Bank occupation.

Strikes Against Foxconn: Chinese protest the conditions at the factories that makes your iPod.

GOP's "Pledge to America"... is written by an insurance company lobbyist.

NYTimes on the Pendleton Round-Up: They skip the Let 'er Buck Room and go straight to the tension about Indians.

Facebook Tried to Change "The Social Network": Mark Zuckerberg is countering the image of him as an awkward egomaniac by donating $100 million to schools this Friday.

It's National Punctuation Day. Hoorah.

Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress: He talks about Mexicans, NBC refers to him as a "jokester."

Forced to Insure Sick Kids? Instead, Oregon Blue Cross just nixed child-only policies altogether.

Three Percent of Oregon Students are Homeless: And that number is on the rise from 2008.