Is this HP's new tablet, running Windows 7? And if so, are they nuts?

The hardware looks fairly nice—complete with Windows and "Intel Inside" advertising stickers!—but as always, trying to run a desktop operating system on a touchscreen device is an instant failure. It's clear that nothing is made to be tapped, it's all a hacky touch layer on top of a system made for a mouse. You can even see the mouse pointer for a second when the system loads before whatever script comes along and hides it. The reviewer describes the scrolling as "pretty fast." He's nuts too.

It looks as if HP and others think that the success of the iPad just means that the tablet computer's time has finally come, and they can release the same thing they've been trying to make work for years with a new case that makes it look like an iPad. They're very wrong. The iPad's success isn't because the world was suddenly ready for it, it's because Apple started from scratch. Because they're not lazy as fuck, and because they care obsessively about user experience. Sometimes too obsessively, sure, but that's better than this garbage.

The topper is the dedicated hardware button to summon the onscreen keyboard. You actually have to push this button to make the keyboard appear, even if you've just tapped into a text field. WTF.