Sorry for the late post, guys. I had a really busy day at the gelato shop and beach and I just couldn't find the time (actually I was applying for food stamps and working two jobs, but let's pretend it was the other). Whatever, I'm here now. What did I miss?


Not... fucking... much. If this episode had a center it was Angelina, a character who I find less interesting the more I know about her. She makes everyone else look less spoiled and self-centered, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Her friend came down from Staten Island, she picked up a guy on the beach, yadda yadda. I am so bored with her even she does reprehensible things. Yeah, leaving your used pad on the floor is fucking gross but whatever, I don't expect anything better from her. And the lying! She strings along Jose, tells everyone they fucked in a warped effort to save face, then calls Mike a dumbass for believing her when he calls her a whore. I don't care! I wish a hurricane had washed her, Ronnie and Sammi out to sea on Jose's birthday table.

The misogyny that so many people have criticized the show for got to me this week, too. Situation brushing off the double standard between women and men by repeating it was irritating ("Everybody loves a guy who gets girls. He's the man, he's a pimp. Everybody doesn't like a girl that's a ho. And that's Angelina."). Pauly was worried the girl who is responding to his interest with mutual interest might "turn into a stalker" AKA expect a relationship. Don't even get me started on Jwoww's manipulative manchild of a boyfriend and his little temper tantrum.

These immature mongoloids need to grow the fuck up. The worst part for me was hearing Vinny say that Pauly and he went to the beach because they were so drained from the past week. FROM WHAT?! Cue my brain hemorrhaging.

Stray notes and quotes

I liked Ronnie giving Sam the flowers Vinny left in the Smoosh Room. That made me laugh.

Is "cookah" an accepted term for vagina?

"There's my children on that bed, there's Mike's children, there's Snooki juice..."

Sammi: "Angelina. She's my... friend..."

"I thought I broke my vagina bone. It was terrible."

Angelina: "I do what I want in life. I do what I want."