Though she successfully completed a recent jail stint as well as rehab, Lindsay Lohan failed two scheduled alcohol and drug tests this week, and has just been sent back to the pokey. And according to reports, she could be stuck there until... October 22? OUCH! Says TMZ...

Lindsay was in court because she failed two drug tests — in one she tested positive for cocaine and the other for Adderall.

Lindsay was handcuffed in court before being taken into custody.

As for Lindsay's reaction ... she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, before being taken out of the courtroom. She was taken from court in a single Sheriff's vehicle, covered by a blanket.

Lindsay Lohan fun fact: She was hauled off to jail in a pair of $1,195 Christian Louboutin shoes. Fancy!

Stay classy, TMZ. But nice courtroom drawings!