Future Tense Books, one of Portland's premiere small presses, celebrates its twentieth anniversary tonight at Disjecta. Read Ned Lannamann's interview with founder and editor Kevin Sampsell here.

In the wider world of books, China Mieville has some science fiction suggestions for socialists. With 50 picks, the list is exhaustive, so there's a few questionable choices. (The Man in the High Castle? How is that socialist?)

Bob Woodward continues to cover the politics of defense with his new book Obama's Wars (though shouldn't it be called Obama and Bush's Wars or something? Either way it's produced a flurry of coverage. Apparently it's shocking that people would intelligently debate our commitment to the Afghan war.

Chris Lehmann is coming out with a book based on his Rich People Things column on The Awl. Here's the catchy and amusing trailer, lifted from La Dolce Vita.