Bomb caution: A Swedish plane with 273 people landed mid-flight after receiving a bomb threat. The plane has been evacuated and one passenger detained.

Nurse's victory: A judge orders an openly gay nurse reinstated by the military. In your face, senate and your stupid don't ask don't tell policy!

Dirty village: In Dehli, an embarrassed India rushes to clean up the Commonwealth Games village before all the athletes arrive. Yeah, I guess clean water and sanitary toilets can be a good idea.

Mad mom: This Florida mother was caught on camera yelling "Don't fucking stop!" and generally egging her daughter on in a fight with another girl. She's been arrested for child abuse.

...And more on Mom stories! Elsewhere in the country, this Kansas man reunited with his long-lost mother to discover she's a bearded lady!

Acid hoax update: Bethany Storro, who threw acid on herself and blamed a black woman, will be in court on Wednesday for theft charges. I think all the nice people who helped her might want their money back...

Bank robbing? Try chain restaurants instead! An armed man robbed a Shari's near the Portland Airport last night. I mean really, how desperate can you be?

Today in Portland it's going to be 80 degrees! Live it up! There's 70% chance of rain tomorrow.

Finally, need a revamp in your lingerie wardrobe? Worried about the end of the world? Don't worry!! You can now LOOK SEXY and FIGHT TERRORISTS at the SAME TIME with your GAS MASK BRA!! ...Can you believe the inventor actually won a Nobel Prize for this?