Wiretap the Internet? Feds want to make it easier to gain access to Skype, email, and personal online accounts... because apparently all the terrorism is being done by Facebook chat these days.

Awkward... Four Fox News pundits are now potential presidential candidates, but their contracts often bar them from appearing on other networks.

Bulldozers in the West Bank: Israel plans to build 2,000 Jewish settlements, endangering peace talks.

NATO Bombs Pakistan: Two airstrikes on what NATO says were Taliban targets killed 30 people.

Headline of the Year: "Millionaire owner of Segway firm dies in freak accident after riding one of his two-wheel machines off a cliff."

Longer School Year, Firing Bad Teachers: Obama's ideas for fixing education.

It's Banned Books Week! Time to break out the Wrinkle in Time and Harry Potter.

Lady Gaga's Black Leotard of Mourning: Lose a grandpa, don a leotard.


Two PDX Homicides Over the Weekend: A stabbing out on NE 122nd on Saturday morning that apparently stemmed from an argument, police have made an arrest in that case. A 20-year-old man also died from a shooting on NW 2nd and Couch, right outside Barracuda, Spyce, etc. Police suspect it was gang related.