ARTCRANK bills itself as "a poster party for bike people" which, personally, I think sounds intimidating, like everyone will be checking out each others' Rapha and if you don't roll up on a custom handbuilt ride then go back to school. I want to alleviate your scorn and let you know that it's a pretty good time. The event is hosted in seven cities, but in each city a handful of local artists screenprint original bike-themed posters, so the art is local and different in every venue. Portland's event is one night only at the Cleaners and last year was a rare excuse to dress up fancy for a bikey event. All the posters are priced at $30 each, so it's a quality event for scoring cheap art for your cheap walls.


Also, there is beer. AND it's a fundraiser. It's a cool event even for non-"bike people." More details here.