Here's an article from the Chicago Magazine about Draper Daniels, one of the models for Don's characters, written by his wife. They're not as pretty as the TV versions. Also check out these bad ass Mad Men posters created by designer Christina Perry. There's also another set for the men.


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Recap of this week's episode, "Hands and Knees," after the jump.

Amazingly I don't feel like there's much to talk about after this very stressful episode, but I can gloat about a few things.

Losing Lucky Strike - CALLED IT! Wish they had fleshed this out a little more, but I can wait til next week.

Joan gets pregnant - CALLED IT! And she totally did not have that third abortion.

I mentioned last week that Don and Megan predictions were bugging me but ok, fine, when you look wistfully at a beautiful girl putting on lipstick while "Do You Want to Know a Secret" plays in the background, you are thinking of shtupping that babe of French extraction.

Don started the episode by asking Sally if she could keep a secret. Loved that primal pubescent shriek that Sally let out and Betty's concerned face. Betty still loves the way Don spoils. And she's still the queen of discretion, telling Henry she doesn't want secrets in the same breath that she keeps something from him, while on the other side a panic-stricken Don admits to Faye what he hasn't admitted to anyone who hasn't cornered him before. Good for him, bad for Faye. She got all proactive about it and now he's looking for an escape route. Hello, Megan!

A note on Don's freak out, his maneuvering, his confession. He says he's tired of running, tired of the whole thing. But he can't just change his name to Dick Whitman, it's a totally stupid name. And he can't just disappear and run away like he wanted to when Pete blackmailed him back in the first season. So he takes an arguably noble route, setting up trusts for his kids, trying to work with Pete (kinda), and waiting to see what happens. Good for you, Don. Ever since he's cut back on his drinking, one of Don's major characteristics has been showing up more, his total cowardice. His alcoholism, from this perspective, is the source of his trademark bravado (which I kind of miss). But make no mistake: Don (or Dick) is a coward, an insult leveled at him by Rachel in S1, and one that still sticks.

Also props to Pete for sucking it up and covering for Don. He can complain to his hilariously pregnant wife, but he owes Don for that blackmail attempt. And fuck Roger. For real. Leaving it all behind to start a family with Joan is pretty much his only salvation at this point.

Which leaves us with one stray plot point, Lane Pryce. His abusive father and black girlfriend, I liked them both, they gave some new shades to his character, but they felt under used. The developments came out of nowhere, and now he's off to England? Oh well, good luck Lane. Sorry about that crack on the jaw.