Yesterday I saw the play My Name is Rachel Corrie, about a 23-year-old Evergreen student who was killed in Rafa, Palestine, while trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian home. I was at Evergreen at the same time Corrie was, but until seeing yesterday's show—which is based entirely on Corrie's writing—I think I underestimated her. (At Evergreen, either you turn into a raging hippie activist, or you get a little numb to phrases like "international solidarity.") It's a flawed show, but worth seeing, less for its politics than its depiction of idealism channeled into action; there's also a fine performance from local high schooler Madeleine Rogers. You can find ticket info for My Name is Rachel Corrie here.

And somewhat related: About a month ago I wrote a piece about local cartoonist Matt Bors, who traveled to Afghanistan to get firsthand experience of the country he'd been reading so much about. His account of his trip is over at the O, though it requires more clicking than it should in order to see Bors' actual work.