Let's play "YOU BE THE UNLICENSED DOCTOR" where I describe my current medical malady, and you—as an unlicensed, fairly ignorant armchair physician—try to diagnose my problem! OKAY! HERE ARE THE SYMPTOMS:

I wake up this morning, eat breakfast (Nature's Best Optimum Power with vanilla soymilk and bananas), and walk into the bathroom where MY RIGHT LEG STARTS TO FEEL WOOZY. Not like it had fallen asleep... more like it was suddenly a bit disassociated from my body and felt like it weighed 100 lbs. There's no numbness, I can put weight on it, and it doesn't hurt at all. I rode my bike with no problem, got to work, and yet it still feels really weird! Like I've got a bag of loose change in my calf, and when I walk it kind of feels like a wooden leg.

THERE YOU GO. I'll happily answer questions in the comments about my malady, and in anticipation, here are a few answers for what I'm sure you'll ask:
1) No, I don't have AIDS.
2) No, I didn't do anything very physically taxing yesterday.
3) No, I didn't saw off someone else's leg and sew it on to my body.
4) And yes, I do have a scary feeling it might be the onset of leukemia or MS.