Random Killing of Civilians: Military court hears testimony today on Army unit who would pick and kill random Afghan citizens. Ugh.

Rich now Richer, Poor are Poorer: Census data shows the gap between rich and poor in the US is wider than ever. In other statistical news, marriages are at an all-time low.

Wal-Mart vs. South Africa: The megastore is trying to expand into rural South Africa, but local unions are fighting the move with vim and vigor.

1,000 People Trapped in the Mud: In Oaxaca, Mexico, after a giant landslide.

Israel Shuts of Gaza: Activists try to enter Gaza... denied!

Rahm Gone: Sources say White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel might quit this week.

British: Not Innocent. Tony Blair knew the US was torturing War on Terror prisoners and did nothing about it.

Crazy Alert! Bitter ex-girlfriend called police to frame her ex for a bomb threat on his wedding day! Shenanigans ensued.

High School Redesign! What! What! Under a plan proposed last night, the school district will close Marshall, close the Young Women's Academy High School, shrink Benson, and turn Jefferson into a magnet school.

Details on Shot Teen: The mother of the 19-year-old shot and killed outside Barracuda talks to the O.