For as iconic and great as Levi's classic pieces are, they've had their fair share of missteps, like refusing to reissue '70s cuts of corduroys and wrinkle frees back when chicks were clawing each other's eyes out over them in mid-'90s thrift stores, and discontinuing longstanding perfict fits like the Skinner (no relation). The price range is still decent (and the Levi's store in NW frequently has great deals), though that's no doubt aided by having moved all, or close to all production overseas, like so many other things with strong branding associations to America. But whatever, Levi's: For all the times we've disagreed I at least felt like I knew were you were coming from. But I'm struggling with this:


I know, I know, it looks simple: denim shirt, denim pant, paired together in time honored New Jersey/Canadian fashion. But it's not. For the love of all things pre-shrunk, the illogical garment you see before you is onesie. A one-piece. Sewn together at the waist, but in such a way as to appear separate. A direct threat to variety in shirt/pants combos everywhere. And it costs £115, or $182.14 in hard earned American dollars. You can buy it here, if... you're interested?

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