It was announced today that the new bar taking over the It's a Beautiful Pizza spot on SE Belmont will open this Friday, October 1. At points rumored to be called either Cognito or the Outhouse, the joint is now called Circa 33, a reference to both the 33 block on Belmont where it's located as well as 1933, the year they scotched Prohibition. It sounds like it's gonna be a somewhat upscale pub, as it's brought to us from the folks responsible for North 45 and Paddy's. Expect a tall back bar with a lot of different kinds of hooch.

Speaking of hooch and Prohibition, here's a cryptic tidbit from the press release:

In the spirit of prohibition, there is a rumor that Circa 33 may actually house a speakeasy. Naturally details of this location will be kept somewhat secretive, allowing guests to stumble across it on their own and bask in the glory of being one of the chosen.
So, uh, just be smart about where you pee, I guess. Food'll be "influenced American" which basically means hearty pub fare; cocktails will be classic and on the whiskey end of the spectrum; there'll be 12 local beers on tap.

When the bar gods open a window, though, they close a door. Charlie's (perhaps better known as Clinton Corner Cafe, at SE 21st and Clinton) is shutting its doors tonight. The cafe celebrates its final evening of business as it typically does a Tuesday, with a set from Pagan Jug Band. Facebook event page here.

What will go in the spot has not been formally announced yet, although it looks like an outpost of Vita Cafe applied for a liquor license in that spot back in July.