Tonight at 7 pm at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy), the Grindhouse Film Fest is showing a rare print of The Man from Hong Kong, 1975's action flick starring Master of the Flying Guillotine's Jimmy Wang Yu and former 007 George Lazenby! Check out the amazing trailer, which represents all that is good and admirable about cinema:

I've got a pair of tickets to give away to tonight's show. Want 'em? OF COURSE YOU DO. Here's how to enter to win them: Email me no later than 2 pm PST today, September 28, and make sure "acupuncture" is your subject line. At 2, I'll pick a winner at random and email 'em back to let them know that they've won and how to get their tickets.

Well, that's it. I'm not sure what you're still reading this for. Go!