There are two local showcases tonight: Comedy Is OK and Keep Portland Funny. Also, Greg Giraldo, who was scheduled to headline Helium Comedy Club next, week overdosed on pills.

Comedy Is OK , hosted by Mikey Kampmaan and former Mercury intern Andrew Michaan, features the always terrific Ron Funches, the odd and enthralling Phill Schallberger, plus Mark Saltveit, dalas verdugo (who insists on no capital letters), and Brock Fansler (who, thankfully, does not). The lads have also recruited a special out-of-town guest, Andy Haynes, who recently played Jimmy Fallon:

Comedy Is OK is at Helium Comedy Club. It starts at 8:00PM and costs $5.

Keep Portland Funny is hosted by Dennis Williams, and features sets from Bridgetown Comedy Festival founder Andy Wood, Timmy Williams from The Whitest Kids U Know, Christian Manville (a stage name?), and somehow Andrew Michaan, who's not content in simply hosting his own show.

Keep Portland Funny, at the Kelly's Olympian Knife Shop, begins at 9:00PM and costs $5.

Finally, Greg Giraldo, who was scheduled to headline next weekend at Helium, ate too many pills last week and overdosed. When the news broke TMZ called it a suicide attempt, but have since changed their tune to an accidental overdose. Giraldo cancelled next weekend's shows. In his place, Helium has booked Nick Thune. Refunds are available at Helium, but the club is offering an alternative: tickets to Thune plus another show in the future.

UPDATE: After five days in the hospital, Giraldo has died