Cinema 21 is kicking it in style tonight—not only is Howl director Gus Van Sant coming to the 7pm screening of his film tonight but dreamy, dreamy James Franco is attending the screening via live Skype.

I'm not sure a super star celebrity has ever attended a premiere via Skype, but if anyone would do it, it's James Franco. I haven't seen Howl, but in her review, Alison Hallett says that Franco is great is great in the film. Here's the trailer:

Get tickets here. In other Gus Van Sant-stravaganza news, Courier Coffee is holding its official grand opening party next Friday October 19 (though I stopped by a couple weeks ago) from 5-9pm. They'll be taking down their art show of Gus van Sant's photos of Zoobombers, so now is the time to check it out.

Edit! I originally posted that this screening is part of the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Not true! Last week Howl was screening as part of the festival, but tonight it's showing as part of its normal, totally not-PGLFF related run.