• Why yes, I am awesome at photoshop! (Shut up, he's kneeling.)

According to a press release that just landed in my inbox, the marketing folks for the terrible action comedy Red have been talking with the Willamette Light Brigade, the organization devoted to "adding architectural lighting to all the bridges across the Willamette River." The result of this auspicious pairing? "In honor of the film's opening, the Willamette Light Brigade is allowing the Morrison Bridge to be taken over and powered by Red!" In other words, sounds like ads for Red are gonna be plastered all over the Morrison Bridge tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night, starting an hour after sunset and going until 1 am, and then starting up again for an hour or two before sunrise.

Above is a talented artist's representation of what this will probably look like. Hope you like your Morgan Freemans giant and dressed like a rejected Village People, Portland!