Captured by Porches beer cart!
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The new D-Street Noshery cart pod (even typing that name is painful) on SE 50th 32nd and Division will soon be home to an unusual cart: I've seen artisan pizza carts, waffle carts, "balls" carts, but I've never seen a beer cart. Longtime Portland homebrewing company Captured by Porches will soon swing the doors of their green beer-slinging schoolbus open at the Division cart pod.

The only mobile beer units I've seen in Portland are beer keg bikes and beer bikes and Ezra at a Friday night Thrice show. I thought the OLCC permitting around a beer cart would be a clusterfuck.

Surprise, surprise, Captured by Porches brewers Dylan Goldsmith and Suzanne Moodhe got their beer cart permit with no problems at all. "The OLCC doesn't license vehicles unless it's a cruise ship," says Goldsmith. "We were able to cover this as an extension of our current brewpub license." The pair already serves beer by the pint or growler during Kruger Farm festivals on Sauvie's Island. At the new Division cart pod, the OLCC was supposed to stick the neighborhood notice about an alcohol distributor coming to the neighborhood up on a wall... but since the cart pod has no walls, the inspector had to settle for taping it to a tree.

Goldsmith says the new beer cart will have a couple limited edition brews on tap: Invasive Species IPA, Divine Wit (a light wheat beer with citrus), and a porter named Punctured by Corpses. They will start serving the first week in November.