Don't Ask, Don't Tell Will Soon Be Dead! No thanks to the president. The Pentagon announced they will comply with a federal judge's order to stop enforcing the anti-gay policy.

Wells Fargo Still Gung Ho on Foreclosures. Despite damning testimony from employees and Bank of America halting foreclosures, Wells Fargo is still going strong.

Trapped Chilean Miners Get Awesome Presents: Now that they're freed, everyone wants to shower the miners with gifts.

How Many Races Could the Tea Party Win? Um, maybe a lot.

Man Promised $1 Million to Streak Obama Speech: But then gets only a paltry consolation prize. Never trust a wily millionaire!

Happy Balloon Boy Anniversary! Remember that kid?

Sorry About the Whole "Slave Driver" Thing: Ole Miss finally changes its mascot from Colonel Reb to a "Rebel Black Bear"


Multnomah County Bans Bottled Water from Official Functions: Way to go county commission! The move will save $20,000-30,000 a year.

Somehow Olive Garden Didn't Make the List: The O's new "non-foodie food guide" recommends The Old Spaghetti Factory and Shari's.