Ohhhh, boy things are getting down to the nitty gritty. The designers are at their wits' end, and really demonstrating the degree to which Project Runway has become a human torture reality show much more than a design show. And our girl Gretchen is tired. But she's not alone. Everyone is pretty busted and slap happy at this point. And they talk about their f e e l i n g s a lot, and they cry, and they talk about their feelings more and... cry. And see the website for extended footage of feelings, etc. Luckily nobody is bitter (spoiler!):

MEE-OW. Also: Mayor Fucking Bloomberg! All of that and more after the cut.

April seemed to have quieted down on her Gretchen-hating of late, and it's telling that she should focus her scorned rage upon her now. And seriously, April will be fine. She's only 21 and to have made it this far is pretty amazing. For Gretchen going into the rest of this season, on the other hand, it doesn't look so great. She's a long way from where she started with her opening double win, and it's been a long time since she's done better than skate by. And now she's openly confessing to the judges that she's sick of the crazy challenges, telling the co-contestants that she mostly just wants to go home, and moping around New York feeling under-inspired? Yeesh. Here's what she had to say about this week's challenge:

At least Heidi had something quasi-positive to say about her look this week, even if it was essentially just "you can do better," it's a step up from the ferocious look on her face in the workroom during last week's episode. (My theory: Heidi is threatened by other tall blonde women. I felt like I could read her thoughts: "I'm taller, you fucking nobody, and my skirt is shorter, and my hairstyle is totally done, and I'm... married to Seal dammit." Etc.) So it was good to see her soften on Gretchen, even if Jones did lose it with an Asperger-esque lack of self editing:

Also Christian Siriano is the perfect judge, isn't he? His presence and experience added a dash of compassion that seemed much-needed. I mean really, compared to the rest of the season this week's challenge was easy. Inspired by New York City. $500. Go. And yet they're so on edge that every situation is a crisis.

Delightful. Okay now, Michael C. Really. Really? What a doof. He didn't know what fabric he was working with, and his dressed looked like an exact human-sized replica of one of my old Barbies' outfits. Okay maybe it wasn't that bad. But it was boring. Still the judges luuuvvvvved it:

Mondo, again, did a houndstooth number. It was cool, but come on man, do something else. Just use a different print. Nonetheless, I would completely wear it:

So! Only two more episodes to go! And then, hopefully, next season will be free of Portland designers. Seriously. This show is getting to be like the body snatchers around here.