ART & WAR—Whichever team you're on in the M.I.A. debate (either she's an art school dilettante capitalizing on "radical chic" or she's the only force in Western pop culture suggesting you give a shit about the rest of the world), you can't deny that she started the most danceable conversation about global politics in our time. MS
w/Rye Rye; Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 9 pm, $25, all ages; read our article on M.I.A.

JACKASSERY—The worst day of my month was when I was informed that Jackass 3D would not be screening for critics. Usually that's a bad, bad sign—but with the Jackass crew, I have faith. These half-brilliant, half-idiotic guys have created a slew of fantastically entertaining movies and shows; seeing their inspired antics return to the big screen—and in a nut-smashing three dimensions!—has to be great. And yes, I just used "nut-smashing" as an adjective. EH
Various theaters

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