Grab a clean pair of underpants, guys! Because Justin Bieber is getting his own COMIC BOOK! (Bbbbppthhhh! That was the sound of poop flying into your pants!) It's called Fame: Justin Bieber and it goes on sale at your local comic shop WEDNESDAY for the low, low price of $3.99. Cue press release:

Like The Beatles, Justin Bieber started life in simple public housing, and also like The Beatles, he is forced to balance fame with his humble beginnings as he comes of age with the whole world screaming his name. Fame: Justin Bieber traces the career of this YouTube sensation from his musical childhood in Ontario to the stage of his first headlining tour.

Even if you hate Das Biebs, the Fame series is also scheduled to produce comics about Twilight's Taylor Lautner (EEEEEEEE!!!) and soccer's David Beckham (ehhhhhhhhh).

Now obviously, as you can see from the cover below, this comic traces the life of Justin Bieber—from his humble beginnings growing up alone on Mars, to eventually being strangled by his only true friend, "pet scarf." Dude. So like the Beatles.