Hey, have you seen Jackass 3D yet? I saw it the other night and it was amazing. The 3D was so in your face the stupid people came right off the screen and into the audience.

I'm kidding, of course, kind of. I had an awesome time seeing testicles get abused in all three dimensions and if the $50.4 million gross is any indicator I'm not alone (though Film Editor Erik Henrickson points out that the take was greatly increased thanks to the 3D, which allows theaters to charge twice as much. Actually the attendance was lower than the the first two films).

Just one scene too amazing for the original cut
  • Just one scene too amazing for the original cut

Anyway, it's with a joyful heart and a body weakened by physical empathy that I share with you this LA Times story reporting that there will be a new Jackass film out in a couple of months filled with all the footage Johnny Knoxville and co. had to leave out of the feature.

According to Stephen “Steve-O” Glover, one of the best bits that failed to make the cut in the new film involves a man named Will the Farter using his, uh, talent with a blowgun to launch darts at a target painted on Glover’s face.

“How are you going to leave out the scene where a guy farts darts into another guy’s face?” Glover said. “You know you’re working with some high-quality material if you’re leaving something like that out.”