News from TriMet says walk and bike to Obama, fuckers.

Anyway, this just in from the public transit agency:

When we are informed by the Secret Service, we will halt all MAX service as the president arrives and departs the Oregon Convention Center. During the event, MAX will not serve the Convention Center stop and the Line 6 bus stop in front of the building will be closed.

The Oregonian has already noted that Obama will bring with him the traffic jam to end all traffic jams as he arrives at rush hour tomorrow. Also, bags are apparently not allowed inside? So maybe walk or bike and stash all your possessions in a shrub outside the convention center? I have no idea what thousands of Portlanders are going to do with their backpacks, etc, but I assume it will be chaos?

In addition to traffic, five more things to expect from Wednesday's Obama rally.

Update! If you want to skip trying to make it to the rally at all, you can stream it online here. We'll also be blogging and posting photos during the whole event so.... yeah. Stay home.