I was gonna write up a little blurb about my thoughts on the new trailer for Gus Van Sant's latest flick, but hey, look at that—Gawker summed 'em up perfectly!

Here's a trailer for Restless, a surprisingly sappy-looking teen romance about a girl dying of cancer who falls in love with a death-obssesed boy who hangs out with the ghost of a Kamikaze pilot. Yeah, it's one of those.

So it's basically a hybrid of the kind of whimsical indie fare that features strange, knowing young men who are slightly addled (think Hugh Dancy in Adam) mixed with Nicholas Sparksian saccharine about sad secret teen death (A Walk to Remember).

I know just about everybody in Portland starts frantically oohing and aaahhing whenever Van Sant's name is even mentioned, but in times like these, it's usually a good thing to remember that even though Van Sant gave us Drugstore Cowboy and To Die For, he's also the guy who brought us that Psycho remake. And this. PUNCH THE KEYS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!